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About Us

Our Mission

MASK's purpose is to operate soccer programs where young people can learn to develop positive character traits, have positive learning experiences, and reach their potential. Also, to promote and stimulate interest in the game of soccer.

Player Development - Emphasis on the development of players at all levels.

Good Sportsmanship - Create good sportsmanship through a positive learning environment.

Positive Coaching - Encourage kids to have fun.

Everyone Plays - Our goals it for the kids to play soccer.

Open Registration - Our program is open to all children.

Opportunities - Allow kids to play to their potential.


Marshall Area Soccer Kids (M.A.S.K.) was founded in 1998 to provide children in the Marshall area with another opportunity to learn sportsmanship and teamwork through the game of soccer. Soccer also provides young people with an opportunity for physical fitness and a way to channel energy in a positive direction. MASK offers a split season that begins in the fall and concludes in the spring. On average 165 young people participate in soccer each season.

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